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Within a dynamic, user-friendly interface, you can streamline your entire process of managing workflow, searching reels and communicating with everyone on the project.

Simplify your workflow
and save valuable time.

Modern Producer simplifies the process of searching and shortlisting director options for a TV commerical or digital project at every step.

This platform offers a dynamic, intuitive user interface that gives you access to the most complete list of reps to find the best commercial director, production company and post house for your project.

This is
how it works.

Complete the spec sheet and request tailored directors’ reels from each of the specific reps you’d like included in your search. At the same time, have the option to first review their latest rosters – saving valuable time focusing your search.

Keep creative confidential. Modern Producer gives you the option to attach your NDA before sharing Creative.

An email will be sent to all the reps selected who then post tailored director reels to Modern Producer for you to review all in one place.

Manage information efficiently. Throughout the search process, keep everyone in the know and communicate within the interface giving you the option to use auto-selected groups as you and the creative team narrow the search to a shortlist.

Coming Soon
Request a music search through multiple libraries simultaneously, and review submissions all in one place.

What are the benefits of using
Modern Producer?

Conduct a thorough director
search in less time.

Communicate easily with an
extensive list of reps.

Constantly discover new
directors and post houses.

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